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About Us / Changing the Community

Our Mission

Our main objective is to give student-athletes a strong foundation of success principles, namely the values of discipline, hard work, ambition, personal responsibility and self-respect. We believe that football is the perfect team sport to augment these values and we use it to build character in an otherwise forgotten population. We strive to help all of our athletes obtain a scholarship, but more importantly, we want them to develop into responsible young men and productive citizens. 


Academic Success:

CTC student athletes have 100% grade matriculation.

Collegiate Partnerships:

Over 10+ collegiate partnerships for recruitment


Over $1.8M athletic scholarships awarded in 2022


Over 10+ athletic programs offered

Trained Athletes:

Since established in 2009, CTC has trained over 2000+ student athletes

Age Groups:

CTC serves students grade 4th-12th 

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Our success is both on and off the field. Student athletes in the CTC program are equipped with the best tools for athletic and academic success.
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