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CTC Program Offerings:

Changing the Community offers various athletic and community based program offerings. CTC's focused programming is designed to enhance the natural physical skill-set of aspiring athletes, while stressing the requirement for strong academic performance and life skills. This helps position participants to take advantage of collegiate sports scholarships to realize individual educational and life goals.

Strength & Conditioning Training

Strength & Conditioning workouts are the basis of our training program.  We teach our athletes the proper lifting technique, improve their footwork and focus on overall conditioning. These intensive, advanced workouts transform their body and help them develop, physically and mentally, into college athletes. 


Tuesday & Thursday

Life Skills Football Training Camp

The CTC Life Skills Football Camp is a two week intensive training program. We provide community services life skill courses, guest speakers ranging from business leaders to NFL athletes, college level football athletic training. With the help of the City of Rochester and the volunteer efforts of our experienced coaches, this is provided to the children free of charge. 

College Library

2 Week Summer Program

7v7 Travel Team

Our 7v7 travel team allows our players to showcase their talent outside of the highly under-recruited Western New York area and perform in front of scouts and college coaches, battling against some of the most highly sought after prospects in the country. This has given our program and our athletes not only national exposure, but also the confidence to know that they can hold their own against the best in America.

CTC is currently the #10 ranked 7v7 program in the nation.


Travel required

Recruit Evaluation Services

Our mission is to help as many student-athletes as possible achieve their dreams of playing college football. We provide film review and feedback to help you become more marketable. The CTC staff is made up of former college football coaches, former All-American and All-Conference college football players, and former pro scouts. This is important because we know what coaches are looking for in certain positions. We also use our vast network of current college football coaches to help us give a more accurate determination of your skill set and how it fits into what coaches are looking for across the country.



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