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Sponsors and Community Partners/ 

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CTC has been able to work with many community partners and sponsorships to build and provide both sports and life skills to Rochester youth.  Thank you to our partners that have donated and supported the vision. 

MBK Program Sponsor

location: USA

ESL Program Sponsor

location: Rochester, NY

MAPP Program Partner

location: Rochester, NY

Monroe County-Adam Bello 

location: Monroe County, NY

Dicks Sporting Goods Sponsor

location: Rochester, NY

Shock Doctor Partner

location: Minnetonka, MN

Life Skills Camp

The CTC Life Skills Football Camp is a two week intensive training program. We provide community services and college level football instruction, the cost of which is valued at well over $500 per player. With the help of the City of Rochester and the volunteer efforts of our experienced coaches, this is provided to the children free of charge. Read more below to learn about the life skill program features.


The football portion of the camp is designed to simulate a college practice. We teach our student-athletes their specific positional technique, drills, and the field etiquette that is demanded on the college level. 

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